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Our sustainable strategy

ESG at the heart of everything we do

Sustainable business is in our DNA - it is part of our history and is woven into the core of our purpose: “Meaningful & Inspiring for Belgian Society. Together”. Using our purpose as a compass, we have defined a clear sustainability strategy with one goal: to inspire our customers to accomplish their sustainability ambitions and, in doing so, to create, together with our customers, the greatest possible impact. We do this through walking our talk, doing what we say in the area of sustainable business and ensuring maximum positive contribution in everything we do. In addition, we put our customers in the driving seat of their sustainability ambition and support them with an adapted range of products and services.

We also provide a strong framework through partners who help show the way in a complex changing world. In order to accomplish this strategy, we have defined a number of commitments in recent years which are our compass with regards to our sustainability ambition. The strong evolution in the field of regulations and stakeholder expectations has resulted in a stricter focus on a number of these commitments in 2021, and we also report on them transparently. 


we are committed to making a difference in the social challenges facing us and to encourage solutions that contribute to

a more sustainable society in Belgium.

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6 commitments for 2025-2030

Be and remain carbon neutral, with an ever-shrinking footprint.


Opting for 100% green electricity, a choice we have made since 2008.


Supporting our society year after year through Belgian charities.


Giving women every opportunity and guaranteeing equal pay.


Going for a 100% meaningful investment offer.


Giving absolute priority to future-proof infrastructure for Belgian society.


Belfius Value creation

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Value created

Sustainable impact


EUR 368.5 million dividends in 2021
Equity base increased to EUR 11.0 billion - doubled in 10 years time, thanks to strong financial management discipline and effective risk & compliance, which was again confirmed by 2021 EBA stress test results. As a locally anchored, Belgian bank-insurer with local decision centers and Belgian citizens as customers, Belfius is a key player in the Belgian economic fabric.


Excellent employee engagement score of 86.5%, despite difficult pandemic circumstances and forced large-scale remote working. Belfius continued monitoring wellbeing of its talents; developing the leaders of the future in the financial sector; and making sustainable careers possible. We give our independent networks the tools to build a thriving local business and living, leveraging Belfius’ or DVV’s franchise and reputation.

SDG 8, 4 and 5


Belfius is truly committed to its customers and their love, putting the customer at the heart of all decisions and processes. As a truly integrated banking & insurance group, we provide single point-of-contact financial solutions to 3.7 million customers, via an innovative mix of accessibility, providing distinctive in-branch advice and service across Belgium, combined with a best-in class, safe and digital service experience.

SDG 9 and 11


Belfius takes great care in being a responsible and law-abiding member of Belgian society (e.g. AML). Solidarity was our motivating driver when we were at the side of our insurance customers who suffered from the July floods. We also continued to engage with the Belgian society through our philanthropic projects with a focus on children and young or vulnerable people (Viva for Life, Rode Neuzen dag, Special Olympics).

SDG 1, 9, 10 and 11


Guided by the Paris Climate Agreement, we continued to achieve carbon-neutrality of our operations in 2021, committed to the Science Based Target initiative and announced the exclusion of coal extraction in all our activities. While continuously expanding our green product and service offering, our Transition Acceleration Policy guides Belfius’ transition to a low-carbon economy.

SDG 7 and 13