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EU-wide EBA 2021 Stress Test

Belfius further improves its resilience and confirms its strong solvency


The 2021 stress test conducted by the European Banking Authority (EBA) on the 50 largest European banks has delivered its results. It once again confirms Belfius’ strong financial solidity and resilience.

In an extremely severe adverse scenario, Belfius was able to limit the decline in its fully loaded CET 1 ratio to 2.70%. This is less than the impact of all previous stress tests in which Belfius has participated.

Starting from a strong CET 1 fully-loaded ratio of 16.36% as at 1 January 2021 (corresponding to a CET 1 ratio of 17.11% on a transitional IFRS9 basis), Belfius has a high CET 1 fully-loaded ratio of 13.66% at the end of the stress period (corresponding to a CET 1 ratio of 14.02% on a transitional IFRS9 basis).

This outcome also compares favorably to the average of the participating banks. It confirms the strong solvency position of Belfius, its solid resilience towards adversities and the pertinence of having a sound financial & risk management as a cornerstone of its consistent long-term diversification strategy.