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This website is about Belfius as an organisation. If you are looking for information about our products or services, you can visit one of our commercial websites below.



Belfius Retail & Belfius Professional

  • Provider of traditional and innovative products and services
  • Partner to 3.5 million private individuals, self-employed workers and SMEs

Belfius Retail in Dutch / in French

Belfius Professional in Dutch / in French



Belfius Private Banking & Wealth Management

  • For clients with an above average personal wealth
  • A network of more than 250 local Private Bankers

Belfius Private Banking in Dutch / in French

Belfius Wealth Management in Dutch / in French



Belfius Corporate Banking & Public Social Banking

  • An important player in the corporate market place
  • Market leader in the government and social profit organisations segment

Belfius Corporate Banking in Dutch / in French

Belfius Public Social Banking in Dutch / in French