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Belfius Bank again receives awards from Euronext Brussels


‘Bond Finance House of the Year’ & ‘ESG Bond Finance House of the Year’

Yesterday, 19 January 2023, Belfius was crowned ‘Bond Finance House of the Year’ by Euronext Brussels for the 7th time in 10 years. In addition to winning this prestigious and much-coveted award, Belfius also received the accolade of ‘ESG Bond Finance House of the Year’ for the first time.

This is yet another double confirmation of the strategic role played by Belfius in advising and offering alternative financing to Belgian issuers via the bond market and also in attracting investors on the international capital markets. Belfius is the undisputed Number 1 in Debt Capital Markets transactions for Belgian issuers and these new awards also confirm the bank’s leading position in the issue of Green Bonds and Social Bonds for Belgian companies and (semi-)public entities.

In 2022, Belfius realised no fewer than 46 long-term transactions for Belgian issuers, including 9 Benchmark transactions (+€500 million), 3 Green Retail Bonds, 32 Private Placements and 2 Schuldschein transactions. This again made Belfius the market leader, both in terms of volume and number of transactions conducted for Belgian companies and (semi-)public entities.

Clear recognition of our expertise in Social and Green Bonds

In total last year, Belfius provided guidance for no fewer than 9 Green Bonds and 1 Social Bond. In doing so, Belfius clearly demonstrated the leading role it plays in this growing market for Belgian issuers. In addition to these bond issues, Belfius is also heavily committed to structuring green and sustainable financing frameworks, which can be applied to financing via both the bond and traditional banking markets.  Issuers can fully  rely on Belfius for detailed advice on  obtaining external credit and ESG ratings, both now and for the years to come.