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Key Figures

Despite the consistently low interest rates and a volatile market, Belfius is growing in virtually all core domains, and once again proves its value for the Belgian economy. These commercial dynamics are the base of the solid result of 335 million euro after taxes, and abundantly offers the possibility to pay an interim dividend for the amount of 100 million euro to the Belgian state.

Key Figures

145.1 billion euro

savings and investments that we reinvest in the local economy

9.4 billion euro

credits to give opportunities to new talents

9.6 billion euro

equity as the foundation for the growth story that we write for you.

7.011 starters

strengthen our market with their ideas and create new jobs

15.5% CET-1 solvency ratio

as a solid base to guarantee your financial security

414 million result before taxes

thanks to your trust

95.97% satisfied customers

Our best result exceeds our commitment