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People & society

Sustainable collaboration with society

Belfius invests not only in the Belgian economy, but also has a strong tradition of supporting projects with a social purpose. In line with our strategy, we form meaningful Belgian long-term partnerships.

Projects for good causes 

Red Nose Day

Together with VTM, Qmusic and Het Laatste News, Belfius supports Red Nose Day, which is aimed at making all young people in Flanders more mentally, physically and socially resilient.

Viva For Life

Belfius supports Viva For Life (a initiative by RTBF, in conjunction with Cap 48), which fights against child poverty.

Special Olympics

Through this partnership we support people with intellectual disabilities, encouraging their integration into Belgian society via sport.

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Through our “Philanthropy” offering we provide our customers with a specific framework for including a good cause as a structural part of their asset management and/or succession planning. Belfius is the leading player in the area of funds with a philanthropic purpose, with around 3 million euro going to good causes from the bequests made by Belgian citizens.

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Inclusion – equal opportunity

  • Social products
    We have worked with PSACs to develop a series of specific banking products that assist these social aid centres in their work. The aim is to make it easier for people in problem situations to access basic banking services.
  • École 19
    Belfius supports this very innovative school where young people aged 18 to 30, even with no formal qualifications, can be trained in the much sought-after skill of computer coding.
  • Hamster leasing
    We support the concept of “hamster leasing”, which helps people who rent an energy-efficient house or apartment to buy the property later at a pre-arranged price, minus the rent they have already paid.

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Belfius Art Collection

The Belfius Art Collection (FR) of 4,300 works, making it the largest private collection of Belgian art. To enable as many people as possible to enjoy this artistic heritage, we open our gallery twice a month and by appointment for the general public. And working with non-profit organisations, we also arrange guided tours so that people with poor eyesight can enjoy the art as well.

Our staff

The importance of our employees – our human capital – should never be underestimated. That’s why we pay close attention to the sustainable employability of our staff.

  • Concentrating on maximum employability: Because the world is changing so quickly, Belfius wants its employees to evolve with it and in doing so prepare themselves for the future. Using the motto “In control of your own career”, Belfius seeks to evolve towards a climate in which managers and employees permanently give each other open and constructive feedback.
  • Lifelong learning and leadership development: We offer our employees a wide range of training opportunities, giving them the chance to develop their leadership skills. The aim is for staff to spend at least 5% of their time acquiring new soft/hard skills and abilities. Managers are encouraged to act sustainably, as well as to promote sustainability by including non-financial criteria in their variable remuneration.
  • A modern, motivating working environment. In addition to a modern working environment, geared to the needs of today (working in a way that is not necessarily dependent on time and place, digitalisation and flexibility, etc.), we also set aside space in our buildings for exercise and relaxation through features such as a fitness space.
  • An active diversity policy:
  • In 2019, we signed up to the “Diversity Charter” for the financial sector. By endorsing this charter, we are committed to a series of “diversity” goals, as well as making them public and reporting on them annually. Following up on this, we are also actively involved in the "Women In Finance" initiative, which seeks to achieve a better gender mix within the financial sector.
  • We are also looking to achieve a more equitable gender balance across all layers of the organisation. In 2019, almost 1/3 of managers were women, with the proportion of women in the management population rising to 32.2%. The same trend can be seen in senior management roles, where the proportion of women rose to 33.1% at the end of 2019. This is a positive development, but we still want to raise the bar even higher and ensure the proportion of women at all levels of the organisation is at least 44% by 2025.
Caring for our customers
  1. Measuring customer satisfaction
    Customers are at the heart of our strategy, which is why we constantly measure the satisfaction of our Retail, Public and Social & Corporate customers. Overall, we achieved a satisfaction score of 94,48% in 2021.
  2. Complaints management
    Focusing closely on customer satisfaction, we always pay close attention to any complaints that come in. Our complaints management system analyses every case in conjunction with the bank’s various entities.
  3. Confidentiality of data
    Respect for privacy and the protection of personal data is an essential commitment for Belfius. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is part and parcel of all our processes and something our staff are aware of.
  4. Cybersecurity: our responsibility
    The benefits of digitalisation also come with a steady increase in cyber risks. Which is why we believe it is essential to guarantee high standards for IT security.
    The new European PSD2 Directive (Payment Services Directive) considerably expands the options of consumers for making online and mobile payments. To ensure that our customers enjoy security and ease of use, we have opted for the “API” (Application Programming Interface) approach, as provided for by the European directive. This method creates a secure data pathway between Belfius and other institutions to limit the risk of hacking and the fraudulent use of customer data as much as possible.

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