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Key facts & figures

A healthy Belfius is also good for Belgium. The growing confidence of all our customers enables us to present nice figures time and again, giving us a headstart for the future.

Key facts & figures

More than 3.8 million customers

With almost 1 Belgian in 3 putting their trust in us, we regard it as our daily mission to meet your wishes.

The nr. 2 Belgian bank and insurer

As the second biggest bank and insurer in Belgium, everyday again we make the difference in all sectors of the Belgian economy.

The nr. 4 in Corporate and Commercial Banking

Our corporate bankers serve 50% of Belgian companies. With a thorough expertise of the Belgian market and a direct flowback to the Belgian economy.

The nr. 1 in the public sector

12,000 customers make Belfius the favoured partner for the public and social sector. Using our unique expertise and our vast network, we help forward your everyday environment.

Digital leader

1.9 million customers use the Belfius app everyday to sort out their banking business. And turn to digital solutions making their life easier. This makes us the digital leader in the financial world.

More than 450 local branches

with more than 2,000 specialists ready to give you personal advice. Our dedicated and well-trained employees like to build a long-term relationship with you.