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Our commitment to society is stronger than ever.

For all Belgians.


Thanks to the trust you place in us, we are able to empower talent, year after year. Talent to dream, to dare, and to act. Talent to improve, innovate and share. From entrepreneurs and families to athletes, artists and students.

So, last year, we invested more than ever in a better, more sustainable future for Belgian society as a whole. As a strong and reliable partner, we give you, your aspirations, and this country every opportunity to succeed. All this is only possible because of your support. Thank you so much!


Investing in talent


As a 100% Belgian bank, our aim is to invest in the prosperity of our society and our economy. To create opportunities and make dreams come true. Your savings enable us to finance projects such as schools, hospitals, swimming pools and sports, and cultural facilities. Not to mention emerging sporting and artistic talent, and disadvantaged families. Together, we can create growth and boost the transition to an inclusive, forward-looking society. 


Marc Raisière, CEO Belfius

“Today, we have become who we are as a consequence of the trust of our customers, our staff members and our shareholder. Belfius has come a long way over the past twelve years to become a robust bank-insurer with solid foundations.

This shows the strength of its strategy, and above all the confidence of its customers. Their trust is the foundation of our solidity. It gives us the ability to deliver strong results year after year, and to play a pioneering role in Belgian society.

Following these results, together we can continue to build a stronger, more sustainable and more beautiful Belgium, for the benefit of everyone.
Driven by our Love for Belgian talent.

It is by making even stronger commitments, and putting them into practice, for everyone.
That is why, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the people of Belgium, Belgian society, our shareholder and above all, I repeat, our customers. Finally, I would also like to thank our own talents: the 7,000 Belfius staff members and the 3,000 experts in the commercial networks, who are committed every day to making a difference.”


Your trust makes us want to dream


Of a more sustainable future... Because, as a result of our investments, 3.5 million Belgian households benefit from green electricity. But also to dream of projects for businesses, both large and small, and of innovation and progress. And, thanks to our excellent results, we can make these dreams come true and help many Belgians realise their plans and ambitions. From having an energy-efficient home to having insurance tailored to your needs. 


A reliable partner for all your aspirations


Today, if we are what we have become – and what we represent for Belgian society – it is thanks to the trust of our customers, our employees and our shareholder. Our thanks go out to the 3.4 million Belgians who place their trust in us to manage their assets and fund their projects. And thank you to all the self-employed workers, SMEs and other businesses that we are able to support in their sustainable vision for the future.

For more than 10 years now, we’ve been the go-to partner for all your ambitions. This is made possible by our robust liquidity, having one of the best solvency ratios in Europe and an earnings capacity in excess of one billion euros. 


23.4 billion euros of new long-term loans to the Belgian economy, including:

  • 14.1 billion euros of long-term loans to entrepreneurs and enterprises
    to make entrepreneurial dreams come true, while creating prosperity and jobs.
  • 3.2 billion euros of long-term loans to the Public and Social sector
    for the construction of cycle paths, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure
  • 6.1 billion euros of long-term loans to private individuals
    to enable them to access affordable, energy-efficient housing and living

186.8 billion euros in total savings deposits and investments
including 3.3 billion from organic growth

163,400 social accounts
to help more vulnerable families

822 million euros of Non-Life premiums collected, excluding Health
thanks to excellent commercial dynamics and solidity

1.115 billion euros net result

Social dividend of 440 million euros
or a total of 2.5 billion euros of dividends over 11 years that public authorities can invest in the transition to a more sustainable society

+450 branches
for developing a more long-term relationship with you, in combination with our digital tools

2.5 billion euros in the 10 Funds of the Future
invested in companies committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow.


Together for Belgian society


Ensuring you are at the center of everything we do. It means ensuring that Belgian talent has every opportunity to shine and progress. It also means ensuring that more disadvantaged people are protected and supported. To sum up: it’s all about us being ready, day after day, for all our customers. This is an amazing goal that we can achieve, thanks to you.

Together, we are stronger than ever for Belgian society.