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A long-term profit strategy

What is important to us, is what we can do for you and our society. Being the driving force of the Belgian economy. With satisfied customers as our guiding principle.

Marc Raisière, CEO

A long-term profit strategy

An integrated bank-insurer

Belfius believes in the added value of an integrated bank-insurance model. In this way, we offer a bespoke customer experience and a solution to the banking and insurance needs of our customers through a single point of contact. 

"We offer a one-stop shop for all your banking and insurance needs."

Belgian anchoring

Belfius is firmly embedded in all segments of the Belgian economy and society. Customers appreciate that we re-invest their savings to support local projects of individuals, companies and governmental authorities all for the benefit of our community. 

"Customers appreciate that we re-invest their savings in projects for the benefit of their community."

Relentless focus on customer satisfaction

Our customers always come first. Our strategic focus on customer satisfaction underlies our strong results. Belfius believes that this focus provides the best guarantee for added value for all our stakeholders – because keeping the customer even more satisfied implies a higher recommendation rate and more room for deep personal customer relations.

Local decision centers close to the customer

Belfius has local, easily accessible touch points and decision-making centres for an integrated omni-channel distribution strategy. Customers believe it is important for decisions to be taken swiftly and locally in Belgium, with knowledge of the market in which they invest. 

Our client approach is characterized by a special local, human and digital touch

Digital leadership supported by a strong brand

We are convinced that innovation offers capital opportunities to draw even closer  to our customers, their ease of use and satisfaction. Belfius is and wants to remain a pioneer in mobile and digital financial services in Belgium and  exports its know-how abroad as well. E2E processes that bolster our operational efficiency even more, next to respectful data management enabling us to offer our customers a distinctive human-digital experience and personal, relevant solutions. 

Innovation offers capital opportunities to draw even closer to our customers.

Social commitment

As a forerunner of a new banking culture, we are keenly aware of the social responsibility that our unique position in the Belgian financial landscape entails. Belfius wants to assume this responsibility in an ethical and sustainable manner through a double social commitment. On the economic front, by being a privileged partner of the public and social sector. On the social front, by supporting projects with a social and cultural aim.

We are keenly aware of the social responsibility our unique position in the Belgian financial landscape entails.