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Our commitment to a country brimming with talent.

belfius equals

What does Love mean to us? More well-being and prosperity for you, and everyone around you. From the young to the old, from start-ups to large companies, from governments to families, from the strongest to the most vulnerable.

We strive to deliver on this promise every day, and it is thanks to your trust that we are able to do so. Our sustainable growth and excellent half-year results enable us to create new opportunities in all areas of the Belgian economy and society. 


Your Love inspires Belgian talent


Our own talents are committed every day to enabling other talents to flourish, in whatever way they can. That is why we are joining forces to achieve our mission: to help all Belgians move towards a strong economy, with equal pay and equal opportunities.


Marc Raisière, CEO Belfius

In addition to these excellent results, I am proud of the pioneering role that Belfius has been playing for Belgian society for the past 11 years. The result is the financial security to which every Belgian, every entrepreneur and every Belgian company is entitled. And that is our core business. Because in 2023, Belfius is a bank-insurer which supports Belgian society - a society where individuals and companies can make their dreams come true, and where the public and social sector can continue to play its role, today and tomorrow. In short, to be Meaningful & Inspiring for all segments of Belgian society: a mission which we will always take on with dedication, but also with prudence when necessary. Because we also owe that to Belgian society.

A strong economy for all Belgians


For more than ten years, we have pursued a clear, long-term strategy which puts the customer at the centre of everything we do, with the sole commitment of being meaningful and inspiring to Belgian society. By directly supporting entrepreneurs, the public and social sector, academia and many other people and sectors. By building a strong and fair society, where everyone can achieve their potential.

And with a historically high net profit of 479 million euro, we have been able to invest fully in sustainable, innovative and forward-looking solutions over recent months. 


EUR 11.8 billion in new long-term loans for the Belgian economy

  • EUR 7.3 billion in new long-term loans to businesses to stimulate growth and job creation
  • EUR 1.3 billion in new long-term loans to the public and social sector to build cycle paths, schools, hospitals and much more
  • EUR 3.1 billion in new long-term loans to individuals to keep housing affordable and energy efficient

EUR 182.2 billion of total outstanding in savings and investments

167,499 basic accounts and numerous social products for the Public Social Action Centres for the most vulnerable people

The banker of 46 Belgian universities and colleges to support young talent

EUR 175 million in new subscriptions to Future Funds to encourage socially responsible investments

1.93 million active users of Belfius apps to make banking simple and accessible

Equity of EUR 11 billion to guarantee strong solvency

EUR 426 million in Non-Life premiums thanks to excellent commercial dynamism and great strength


Much more than results


These results are signs of Love which you can see all around you. They are the fruit of our commitment to a strong economy and society, at the service of all. What else could you expect from a 100% Belgian bank?

All for your benefit. Because that is what your trust makes possible. And we would like to thank you most sincerely.


Belfius, Inspired by Love