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Our Love for you is great, and so is our gratitude!


Our net profits have risen for the 10th year in a row, to a total of 428 million euro. That’s the best half-yearly result we have ever achieved. Belfius continues to grow – thanks to our staff’s passion, and your trust.

For the past 10 years, Belfius has been responding to your trust by providing unconditional support to the entire Belgian society. 10 years we have been pursuing this truly unique mission – wholeheartedly and with passion. Together we create opportunities and innovations to benefit all of society. Because at Belfius, we genuinely love our people and our country.


A bank for everyone


In these memorable 10 years we’ve been there for everyone: from the wealthiest to the most vulnerable. Because at Belfius, our aim is to make a difference for everyone, while also being a source of inspiration to the whole of society in Belgium. Together, we will make a better future possible. The fact that we can make such wonderful things possible is the direct result of close cooperation and a strong bond of trust. For you, with you, and thanks to you.

Our Love goes a long way


For our country, for you, and for the whole of society – our Love goes a long way. Our mission is to contribute towards creating an innovative and sustainable future; our results from the past 10 years demonstrate this to perfection. 


25 million euro redistributed through good causes

172,000 social accounts that help Social Welfare Centres guide the disadvantaged and others through difficult situations

38.3 billion euro in long-term loans to companies, stimulating growth and creating jobs

as the banker for all 46 universities and colleges, we support education and the welfare of our young talents

1.7 billion euro in dividends over 10 years, giving the government the resources it needs to continue the transition to a more sustainable society


You make the difference


We remain fully committed to being meaningful and inspiring to Belgian society. Together, because as a Belfius customer, you contribute to making a difference. For this reason we have already invested 176.9 billion euro of savings and investments into providing loans to private individuals, businesses and government authorities, enabling them to build housing, schools, cycle paths, swimming pools and hospitals. You play a key role in our success, as well as in the success of our society as a whole.


Our Love is great, that much is certain. And today, our gratitude is even greater.