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How to use our images…

Some guidelines for proper usage:

We kindly offer you our visual material. Though some questions might still occur you most probably will find your answer in the FAQ.

If you can’t find your answer here, do not hesitate to contact our media relations department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I freely use the visual material?

We kindly provide pictures for illustration purposes. All these items are the property of Belfius and free of copy rights. You can freely use them, on condition that they are not reworked or changed.

Is it allowed to refer to the videos on YouTube?

Your are free to refer to the video’s provided by Belfius on YouTube, which is the case for any other video available on YouTube.

Which rules do I have to respect when using the brand block (logo)?

The Brand Block consists of a logo and the name. Both need to appear at the same time with respect to the right proportions. It is not allowed to alter anything at the protected brand block. The version of the brand block with the name in gray and with the logo in ruby with white on a white background is the preferred one. However variants are provided to be used in case the original version can not be used or if the carrier requires another option. You can also find those admitted versions in our graphic elements section.