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General terms and conditions and information


You accept these general terms and conditions automatically by accessing or using this website. If you do not accept these general terms and conditions, you may not visit this website or use the information and data published on the website.

1. Company details

Belfius Bank NV is a public limited company, credit institution and insurance agent under Belgian law. Its registered office is situated at 11 Karel Rogierplein, 1210 Brussels, the company is entered in the RLE for Brussels, VAT number BE 0403.201.185 and FSMA number 19649 A (referred to hereinafter as Belfius Bank).

You can contact Belfius Bank:

  • By letter sent to Belfius Bank, Customer Management, 11 Karel Rogierplein, 1210 Brussels,
  • via the contactpage
  • by telephone on 02/222 11 11


And, of course, you can also come into one of the branches of the Belfius Bank commercial network.

The publisher with responsibility for this site is Belfius Bank (11 Karel Rogierplein, 1210 Brussels).

Belfius Bank is a credit institution and insurance agent subject to the supervision and regulation of the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). 

The FSMA regulates credit institutions, investment companies, investment advisers and currency exchange agencies. It also regulates undertakings for collective investment, monitors compliance with the rules that protect the interests of the investor when making transactions financial instruments, as well as the proper operation, integrity and transparency of the markets for financial instruments. In addition, the FSMA contributes towards ensuring compliance with the rules aimed at protecting savers and investors against the illegal offering of financial products and services.

For more information about the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority, please go to www.fsma.be

2. Services offered on this website

This website contains a purely information-only section, as well as a number of interactive applications and a transactional section. Where interactive applications are dealt with on this website, those applications offered on or via the Belfius Bank website, are such that visitors to the site are able to enter certain details and receive certain results after the details entered by the visitor have been processed automatically. This concerns simulations, for example. In view of the fact that visitors fill in the details themselves, Belfius Bank is not able to verify their accuracy.


The publications, information and interactive applications on this website are for information only, regardless of whether this data comes from Belfius Bank itself or from third parties selected by it. Belfius Bank pays the utmost attention to the content of the information, data and results of the automated processing and updates the content of the website at regular intervals. If the data or applications do not come from Belfius Bank itself, the bank calls on the services of third parties which, in its opinion, are sufficiently reliable. Nevertheless, Belfius Bank is unable to provide any explicit or implicit guarantee about the completeness, accuracy and up-to-date nature of the data, applications and results given to the visitor from any automated processing. This site also contains a transactional section, with online banking applications. Access is only provided to these services and to certain interactive applications if the person has previously entered into a customer relationship with Belfius Bank and agreements applying to these services have been signed with Belfius Bank. The provisions of these “general terms and conditions and information” do not apply to services that are governed by the provisions of such a specific agreement. The information given on this site is made available by Belfius Bank for the purpose of informing you about a range of products and services presented to you by Belfius Bank. Unless expressly stated otherwise, this information should not be construed as an invitation or offer from Belfius Bank to invest in these products, services or any other financial instruments. To check whether these products and services correspond with your profile, you should contact Belfius Connect (02 222 12 02), your branch or your banker.

Belfius Bank aims to give this website maximum availability. However, it also reserves the right, even without prior warning, to interrupt access to the website in the event of a risk of fraud or misuse, or in order to make adjustments to the website.


3. Advertising

This website is made up of advertising issued by Belfius Bank and/or certain of its subsidiary companies for products and services provided by Belfius Bank or the subsidiary companies in question. Hyperlinks and other similar references to third parties that are not subsidiary companies of Belfius Bank may not be considered as advertising for these third parties.

4. Target group and objectives of this website

This website, its contents and the results of automated processing operations, as well as the data and information made available to you are intended exclusively for personal and non-commercial use by natural persons and legal entities that have either their usual place of residence or registered office in Belgium, or who/which already have a customer relationship with Belfius Bank. 

Under no circumstances many the information, data or results of automated processing operations replace a personal assessment by the visitor to the site. In no way may this information be considered as an opinion relating to the purchase or sale of banking and/or insurance services or products, or regarding a financial instrument. 

For an offer suited to your situation and/or for any advice, you can always contact a Belfius Bank branch or, if you already have a customer relationship with Belfius Bank, and have signed the required agreement to do so, through Comfort Banking. 

Nor may the information, data or results of automated processing operations be considered as legal, accounting, tax or any other form of advice. Preferably, this information will only be used in conjunction with appropriate professional advice. Neither the information nor the results provided to the customer are intended to encourage the customer to enter into certain dealings, or to recommend or advise against certain dealings. Also, the hyperlinks to sites that are not under the control of Belfius Bank or its appointees are only provided as a service to the customer and in no way imply any form of advice, advertising or value assessment.

5. Cookies

When you view this site, Belfius Bank will, under certain circumstances, send ‘cookies’ automatically to your computer. Cookies are small applications that are written to the hard disk of the computer. However, they are designed mainly to make it easier for you to use this website. For example, cookies record the choice of language you make when you visit the site for the first time, so that on your next visit, the site will automatically be presented to you in the language you selected on your first visit. If you do not wish these cookies to be written to your hard disk, you can adjust your browser so that it does not allow cookies to be stored on your hard disk. If you do this, Belfius Bank cannot guarantee that the sites under its control will function properly. 

For further informative about the use of cookies, you can read the Cookie Policy of Belfius Bank. This information is available on www.belfius.be.

6. Viruses

Belfius Bank guarantees that all of the data placed by it on this site has been scanned prior to being posted for the presence of all viruses known at the time. Belfius Bank regularly checks all items on this site that can be downloaded by customers to their computer system for the presence of all viruses known at the time. 

Despite the high level of care that Belfius Bank applies with regard to viruses, it cannot guarantee, given the rapid speed at which Internet traffic is evolving and the risks that this involves, that all of the information on this website will by totally virus-free at all times. Given the risks associated with the use of the Internet, Belfius Bank advises visitors specific to scan all downloaded information themselves for the presence of viruses, even if it comes from a provider considered by the customer to be reliable.

7. Liability

Except in cases of its own deliberate intent or gross misconduct, or that of its appointees, Belfius Bank cannot be held liable for:


  • any technical difficulties that the visitor may have with this website, regardless of the cause, such as but not restricted to bugs, viruses, insufficient capacity, the visitor’s own software and hardware, browser, computer systems and extensions, irrespective of their nature, that gives the visitor access to the Internet and this website. The modification, installation, maintenance, security and updating of the visitor’s own software and hardware, as stated above, as well as the visitor’s computer systems and their extensions, remain the sole responsibility of the visitor to this website
  • any damage attributable to force majeure, events or third parties over which it has no direct control, such as but not restricted to hyperlinks on other websites, not under the direct control of Belfius Bank and/or its appointees, gaining access to the Belfius Bank website or to a website that appears visually to be a website of Belfius Bank
  • any damage attributable to exiting from this website or that occurs after exiting from this website, even if the visitor leaves this website via a hyperlink placed on this website
  • direct or indirect damage caused by any information, data or results from automated processing operations given to the visitor on this site or via this site, and/or any direct or indirect damage suffered by the visitor or third parties as the result of certain conclusions or actions taken as the result of the information, data or results from automated processing operations given on or via the website
  • damage arising from errors, regardless of their cause, that occur during the automated processing of the data entered by the visitor in the interactive applications, insofar as Belfius Bank has not developed these interactive applications itself and has clearly indicated this by the use of a logo or other indication
  • the improper access by a third party to, or the illicit modification by a third party of the computer systems, programming and programming code and software of Belfius Bank or the visitor, and the direct or indirect damage arising therefrom
  • the incompleteness, inaccuracy or non-current nature of the data entered by the visitor when making use of the interactive applications
  • websites and practices of websites that are not operated by Belfius Bank

8. Intellectual property rights

The content of the websites of Belfius (such as www.belfius.be, smartbelgium.belfius.be, www.belfius.com, www.belfius-art-collection.be, …) as well as the information, informative, interactive and transactional applications provided on them, the programs, brands and logos are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to Belfius Bank, its appointees or providers. Visitors to these websites must respect these intellectual property rights at all times and must refrain from infringing those rights. For certain elements of these websites, Belfius Bank calls on the services of providers deemed to be dependable who insert databases of photos, video clips and other multimedia applications. In the contractual relationship with these parties, it is established that these providers must ensure that the applications and services provided by them meet all requirements in terms of copyright, intellectual property rights and other related rights. In doing so, Belfius Bank is able to assume that the photos, video clips and other multimedia applications made available to it or used by it have come into its possession with full rights and that the bank may also use them. However, if you find photos, video clips and other multimedia applications on this site the use of which you believe breaches your intellectual property rights, copyright or and other related rights, please contact Belfius Bank contact using the contact details stated above.

9. Hyperlinks

Unless there is the express written permission of Belfius Bank, no link may be made from any other website to one of the Belfius Bank websites and/or webpages. This applies to any form of connection or technique in which the name, address or any other element belonging to Belfius Bank is included or displayed on another website, or whereby Internet visitors are redirected from this other website to the Belfius Bank website.

10. Protection of privacy

Belfius Bank, the other entities of the Belfius group and the companies Belfius Bank is affiliated with by contract within the framework of its business, process the client’s personal details according to the Belfius Privacy Charter.

11. Choice of law and jurisdiction

The service and product information provided on this website, as well as publication of the website, are governed by Belgian law. The Courts and Tribunals in Brussels have sole jurisdiction to rule on any dispute relating to this website, the information contained on this website, the Internet websites and Internet pages linked to it, as well as its use by the visitor.

12. Transparency regulations

In line with Transparency Directive 2004/109/EC regarding the transparency requirements that apply to information about issuing institutions that are permitted to trade securities on a regulated market, Belfius Bank NV has elected the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as its member state of origin.

The Transparency Directive was transposed into Luxembourg law in the "Loi du 11 janvier 2008 relative aux obligations de transparence concernant l'information sur les émetteurs dont les valeurs mobilières sont admises à la négociation sur un marché réglementé", "Règlement grand-ducal du 3 juillet 2008 relatif à la désignation officielle de mécanismes pour le stockage centralisé des informations réglementées au sens de la loi du 11 janvier 2008" and "Circulaire CSSF 08/337 de la Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier". All regulatory information about Belfius Bank NV under the transparency requirements are available on www.bourse.lu.

13. Insurance

Belfius Bank SA/NV, FSMA-number 019649 A, is a tied agent of Belfius Insurance SA/NV under contractual obligation to commercialize only insurance products from Belfius Insurance SA/NV (except for insurances branch 14).

Belfius Insurance SA/NV - Tel. 02 286 76 11 – BIC : GKCCBEBB – IBAN : BE72 0910 1224 0116 - RPR Brussels VAT BE 0405.764.064 – 11 Karel Rogierplein, B-1210 Brussels, is an insurer authorized by and registered with the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) under the number 0037. The NBB is located at Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Belfius Insurance SA/NV offers a complete range of Life and Non-Life products to individuals and families, businesses and independent professionals. Belfius Insurance SA/NV also offers its products to the social profit and public sector.

14. Modifications

Belfius Bank may modify these general terms and conditions and information at any time without notice.