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Climate & environment

Our carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint represents the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities and depends, to a large extent, on our consumption of fossil fuels.

Despite a slight increase in the workforce compared with 2018, our emissions fell by 2.5% in 2019 and we currently have emissions of 15,870 tons of CO2.

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Reducing the use of resources, avoiding waste

To become carbon-neutral, Belfius recently began working with CO2logic. The aim is to reduce energy consumption in our buildings, as well as limit waste, paper usage and staff travel.

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Over the past 5 years we have further reduced our consumption of primary energy by 44%. This represents savings of approximately 78% since 2007. Belfius uses green electricity only and, since 2008, this has been backed by a Guarantee of Sustainable Origin label.


Water consumption at our central offices has fallen by 31% over a period of 5 years. This is mainly due to rationalising our premises from 3 locations to a single central building and the increase in homeworking.


After its energy usage, printing is the next largest item consumed at Belfius, representing almost 845 tons in 2019 (almost all FSC-certified). This was 22% down compared with the previous year. Our goal still remains to become a “paperless” company.


In 2019, waste production at head office fell by 15% compared with 2018. Paper waste led this reduction (down 35% compared with 2018).

Travel to and from work

In 2000, Belfius introduced an ambitious Mobility Plan encouraging staff to use public transport and to cycle to work more.

The result of these two decades of effort is that 79% of Belfius employees come to work by public transport, some 3% by bike and only 18% by car or motorcycle.

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Supporting the circular economy

Belfius has been involved in two Green Deals about Circular Purchases since 2017. Following on from the success of these two Green Deals in Flanders, in 2019 Belfius confirmed its commitment to the cause by signing the Walloon Green Deal (FR).

Belfius regularly makes its buyers aware of the principles of the circular economy and has created a special database as a source of inspiration for circular purchasing.

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Green IT

In 2019, Belfius decided to join the Green IT Belgium club, with the agreement signed officially at the beginning of 2020. This membership will enable us to:

  • position ourselves better regarding the provision of sustainable IT services to our customers and staff.
  • have a better overview of the environmental footprint of our IT services so that we can reduce it in the future.
  • position ourselves better vis-à-vis similar companies.
  • exchange thoughts and best practices with other members.

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