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Belfius is a bank & insurance group owned by the Belgian federal government. The stock market unlisted Belfius consists of a bank, an insurer, and diverse other subsidiaries.


Belfius Bank

Belfius is an integrated bank-insurer anchored in all segments of the Belgian economy and society:

  • Partner to 3.5 million private individuals, self-employed workers and SMEs
  • Major player in the corporate market
  • Market leader in the Public and non-profit sector

Our strategic focus on customer satisfaction is at the base of our strong results

Belfius Insurance

  • A leading force in Life and Non-Life insurance
  • Operating in Belgium with the Belfius Insurance, DVV Insurance and Corona Direct brands
  • Partner to private individuals, self-employed workers, businesses, Public and non-profit sector
  • Provider of loans through the broking company, Elantis

Belfius Auto Lease

  • The fleet management solution for companies, public and non-profit operators
  • Provider of operational leasing, (green) fleet management, financial leasing with services, car hire, claims management and maintenance

Belfius Lease

  • Well-established provider of financial leasing and hire packages for movable and immovable property
  • Number 1 in leasing renewable energy solutions
  • Focused on professionals and the public and non-profit sector
  • Belfius Lease Services: Financial leasing and renting of professional capital goods to the self-employed, companies and liberal professions. Operates under the Belfius Lease Services brand

Belfius Commercial Finance

  • Full management of accounts receivable
  • Handling all areas of administration, debtor management, financing and insurance
  • Serving  companies with a turnover in excess of EUR 0.5 million per year


  • The specialist centre for  mortgages (mortgage loans)
  • Grants and manages Belfius mortgages (mortgage loans)
  • Offers external credit providers ready-made outsourcing solutions for their business processes

Belfius Investment Partners

  • Management and administration of the investment portfolios of the beveks and common investment funds
  • Trading or distribution of shares of the SICAVs or collective investment funds