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Safety instructions for carrying out works for Belfius

Belfius takes the general wellbeing, health and safety of all our workers extremely seriously.

While safety rules are a necessity, safety doesn’t stop where these rules end. Wellbeing, health and safety are important to us all and each and every one of us is entitled to them, including the external workers who come to carry out work at our locations.

The locations we are referring to here are those places contractually imposed by Belfius as location where works are to be carried out.

As the client, our aim is to support our suppliers in imparting to its staff the information that is necessary for works to be carried out safely.

For that reason, we expect and require that you take a number of actions before any work begins: 

  • you must read the “health and safety requirements for third parties” carefully and then apply the instructions they contain to the letter when carrying out the works.
  • these “health and safety requirements for third parties” contain 3 important annexes:

• Annex 1: “health and safety requirements for third parties” AGREEMENT
Once Belfius has appointed you by e-mail to carry out the works, the AGREEMENT must be validly signed and returned to your contact at Belfius within 2 working days. Only when this signed AGREEMENT has been received will the purchase order be raised and sent to you.

• Annex 2: “10 safety rules your employees need to know”
As our supplier, you must provide appropriate training and instructions for the workers coming to carry out work for Belfius on your behalf.  Every employee who works for Belfius is required to sign this document to indicate that the necessary training and instructions have been given.  If you have employees carrying out work for Belfius who do not understand the national languages, it is your responsibility as a supplier to provide additional translations and instructions where necessary.

These documents are retained by the supplier itself and may be requested by Belfius.

14 days before starting the works, you will receive an e-mail from Belfius asking you, within 5 working days, to provide the details of those employees who will be coming to our premises to carry out the works. By providing us with these details, you are also guaranteeing that these employees have understood and endorsed the “10 safety rules that your employees need to know”.

• Annex 3: Belfius and work permits
On page 7 of “health and safety requirements for third parties” you will find a summary of the works for which a work permit is required.

  • If a work permit is required, we expect to have this in our possession in advance; please make appropriate arrangements with your contact at Belfius.


We wish you a pleasant and safe working relationship with Belfius.