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Collaborating with Belfius

SAP Ariba

Belfius is using SAP Ariba as the Technology to support Procurement processes and to strive for continuous improvement of the collaboration with our partners. The different steps in our collaboration are listed below.

Vendor Creation

Belfius Procurement can send you a mail-invitation to register/connect to SAP Ariba Network in order to complete your registration and qualification, as well as to keep your contact information up-to-date. This invitation is strictly personal and should not be forwarded. In case you are not the right person, please inform your contact at Belfius.

More information on registration and qualification is included here.

Participation in RFx 

When selected to participate in RFx, you will require an account on SAP Ariba Network to be able to submit your quotes.

More information on how to respond to these events can be found here.

Signing the contract

To ensure that our contractual documents are signed in a safe and secure environment, we exclusively work with the digital signature solution of DocuSign.

Receiving Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders will always be sent to you via e-mail, optionally you can link/create an account on SAP Ariba Network to manage your Purchase Orders and to update the contact (e-mail) to which these Purchase Orders need to be sent.

More information on setting up/using your account for PO reception and management can be found here.

If you have further questions regarding SAP Ariba, please refer to the FAQ (PDF).