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Our values

Our corporate values guide what we do, how we act & interact. By measuring our daily behavior against these principles, we work towards giving back to Belgian society and contribute to building the Belgium of tomorrow.

Marc Raisière, CEO

Our values

Customer oriented

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our thinking and acting. We are committed to continuously improve the value propositions for our customers.


We are transparent about how we work, what we aim for and how we intend to get there. Our internal and external communications match.


We walk the talk, believe in our goals and in a new banking culture. We respect individualities and find differences enriching.


We challenge our way of working between ourselves, and want to be challenged by our customers in order to deliver the best performance, the best products and services and the best results for all our stakeholders.


Everybody at Belfius is  fully committed to strive for a better future for our company and society as a whole.


We consider Belfius to be “OUR” company. We are all entrepreneurs and take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are encouraged to break new ground, push boundaries and discover new opportunities.