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Belfius Insurance

Belfius Insurance is part of the unlisted Belfius Bank & Insurance group. As the 5th largest insurer on the Belgian market, we offer private individuals, self-employed persons, companies, social profit companies and government institutions highly differentiated products and services, both for Life and Non-Life.

Thanks to a multi-brand and multi-channel approach, which is unique on the Belgian market, Belfius Insurance can offer all its customers highly differentiated products and services and provide them with the solutions that best meet their needs.

Belfius Insurance operates on the Belgian insurance market with the brands Belfius Insurance, DVV Insurance and Corona Direct and offers loans through Elantis.

Belfius Bank & Insurance

Through the Belfius bank branches, Belfius Insurance distributes a wide range of standardized products for both Life and Non-Life. Through this channel, Belfius Insurance is aimed at retail and commercial banking customers, private individuals, small businesses and the self-employed, who like to come to the same place for all their financial needs: their Belfius bank branch.

Customers from the Public Sector, the Social Profit and Business Sector can turn to Belfius Insurance for a correct range of tailor-made life insurance products via the banking channel and the direct channel.

DVV Insurance

DVV Verzekeringen, the family insurance company, distributes its products through an exclusive network of consultants that extends all over the country. Through the 321 DVV offices private individuals, the self-employed and small businesses are offered a complete range of insurance products and mortgage loans, with quality service and tailor-made.

Belfius Direct Insurance

Belfius Direct Insurance is the direct insurer of the Belfius Insurance group.

Belfius Direct Insurance offers its products mainly through the direct, mainly digital channel. The insurance per kilometer, the fire insurance, the family insurance, the dog insurance and the funeral insurance are the most important products of Belfius Direct Insurance.


Liège-based Elantis provides mortgage loans and consumer credits through independent brokers and has all the products in-house to offer every borrower a tailor-made solution.



Belfius Insurance NV

Registered office

Place Charles Rogier 11
B-1210 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 286 76 11

Company number - RPR Brussel BTW BE 0405.764.064
Insurance company authorized under code number 0037