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Gert Jochems


Ukrain, Milkolaijev, 2022/03/14, not exploded Russian rocket nearby appartment in the outskirts of Mikolaijev.
2022/03/31, Ukrain, Irpin, Bridge in Irpin with bodybags of Ukraïn soldiers. Russian army has left Irpin some days before.
01/07/2022, Ukrain, Donbass, Bachmoet, victim of a Russian long distance rocket, the woman lost her hand and both her legs.
Ukrain, Lutsk, Zorya, 17/09/2022, Funeral of 45 year old Olexander Stadnitskij who died in Russian shelling nearby Bachmoet in the Donbass. On the photo you see the mother (left) and his widow (right) mourning.
Ukrain, Lyman, Svjatohirsk, 02/10/2022. 
In Svjatohirsk, near Lyman, a woman is reading a book outside the village shop, waiting for humanitarian aid that may not arrive. The photo was taken when Lyman was just liberated by the Ukrainian army.