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Young professionals

Have you just been awarded your further education diploma and you have a maximum of two years’ experience? If you have, then we suggest you embark on a 2-year programme with us, during which you will be seconded to a range of projects in both Junior and Senior positions. During that time, you will have the opportunity to go on various training courses and benefit from the support and guidance of a mentor. When you have completed your 2 years, you will be ready to take on a key role in the company.

As juniors, we are involved with strategic projects designed to give us experience in the main areas of banking. What is brilliant is that we are already given quite a bit of autonomy and responsibility.

Sarah Detalle, Young Professional


Work experience

If you are a final-year student doing a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are looking for a company for a work experience placement, look here what we can offer you.

Starter jobs

Just been awarded your degree? Congratulations! Looking for your first proper job experience? Are you motivated and enterprising? Then we have a job designed just for you!

Job fairs