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The relevance of a sustained long-term strategy

Belfius has always consistently adhered to a long-term strategy, driven by its entrepreneurship and determination to create added value for the Belgian community. The foundations of that strategy? Strict financial and risk management, aimed at achieving sustainable long-term solvency and liquidity, as well as a balanced ratio between income, costs and investments. The driving forces for achieving this aim? Ongoing focus on customer and employee satisfaction, based respectively on a strong local affinity with customers and an attractive HR policy that focuses on growth opportunities for Belgian talent. The development of a strong brand based on a new banking culture. Single-minded innovation – using tech-players as the benchmark – resulting in greater efficiency and unprecedented convenience for customers. And how is this put into effect? By evolving from a traditional bank, focusing mainly on Retail customers and the public sector, into a fully-fledged diversified bank-insurer that is positioned successfully in every segment of the Belgian economy and is a leading European digital provider. The result? An increase in net profit for the eighth year in a row and total equity capital approaching 10 billion euro for the first time. Belfius is ready for the future.

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