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A net result which reflects our strategy and our support for Belgian society

More than ever, Belfius supports its customers and Belgian society. The current market conditions continue to challenge each of us and all of society. A situation from which we draw even more strength to be at the service of our customers and Belgian society.  

We have turned that strength into actions, actions that are perfectly in line with our purpose: ‘Meaningful & Inspiring for Belgian Society. Together’. A commitment that is reflected in our half-year results. Never before has Belfius supported its customers to such an extent, with a record amount of new long-term financing granted to SMEs and companies, public and social institutions and private individuals.

Our commitment?

Supporting Belgian economy and society in general has also been expressed through our increasingly strong sustainable business dynamics. Because, as a committed bank-insurer, our role is to stimulate change, in order to participate in a more respectful and forward-looking society. That is why we offer our clients innovative investment solutions based on societal themes that contribute to building a better world. Sustained investments in Belgian talent and digital bank-insurance services that constitute a break from the past as well as being user-friendly and efficient.


Our fundamentals?

A constant focus on customer satisfaction and trust, highly committed collaborators, with a diversified and sustainable business model as a banking AND insurance institution. Not to mention strict balance sheet and risk management, which results in excellent financial strength that helps Belfius to continue to play its supporting role of the Belgian economy and to implement its ambitious growth strategy.


Our results?

A net result of EUR 406 million once again demonstrates the resilience of our business model and allows Belfius to continue to fulfil its commitment to Belgian society.