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Our half yearly results of 2019

Solid half-yearly commercial results driven by the growing confidence of customers


Buoyed by the growing confidence of its customers, Belfius recorded good commercial results in all of its key areas during the first six months of a year filled with challenges. Never before has so much long-term finance been granted for the benefit of the Belgian economy during a single half-yearly period, nor has such strong organic growth in savings and investments been recorded previously. Despite growing pressure on net interest income, as well as an increase in risk-weighted assets due to the rise in loans granted and continued investments to support its growth strategy, Belfius was able to maintain its robustness. The factors behind this success were the company’s sales momentum, coupled with the Belfius brand’s power of attraction, the commitment of its staff base, the relevance of its long-term strategy and the strong performance of its balance sheet and risk management. Belfius achieved a post-tax profit of 304 million euros, enabling it again to pay an interim dividend of 100 million euro to the Belgian State.


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