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Belfius and Proximus sign an unprecedented strategic partnership

Every day, the banking and telecom sectors face new challenges, which are also new opportunities: technological revolution, massive adoption of digital tools, new entrants, economic volatility, etc.

To face these challenges, Belfius and Proximus have decided to lay the foundations for lasting cooperation.

The Belgian bank-insurer, a leader in digital customer experience, and the Belgian telecoms market leader are today signing an unprecedented strategic partnership based on long-term commercial cooperation. Subject to the approval of the competent authorities, Belfius and Proximus will market an exclusive and digitally integrated offer for their respective customers from next year onwards via a disruptive ecosystem.


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Thanks to this partnership, Proximus customers will have access to an exclusive, innovative and attractive digital banking offer developed by Belfius through a specially designed digital platform. Belfius customers, for their part, will have access to a specific offer developed by Proximus to which they can subscribe through the different Belfius sales channels.


Marc Raisière, CEO Belfius

I’m particularly happy and proud that Belfius and Proximus are becoming strategic partners. Not just because we are laying the foundations for a strategic collaboration unique in the world. But above all because we are creating an innovative business model that makes real sense and will be a true «life changer» for our customers.

And I’m convinced that this collaboration will be a success for both Belfius and Proximus.

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