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Banx, the digital app for sustainable banking, is entering the Belgian market today


Banx, a fully digital, Belgian banking experience, imagined by Proximus, powered by Belfius, is being officially launched today. Banx raises the bar for digital banking and allows users to monitor the impact of their purchases on the planet. The new banking app aims to encourage users to make more conscious and sustainable choices. Moreover, Banx is a Belgian initiative with a strong local an-chorage. Today, for example, a dozen local partners can already be discovered in the app, with the aim of bringing together environmentally conscious consumers and local partners to make sustainable banking accessible to all.


Izzy Van Aelst, Banx lead at Belfius

We have an attractive offer, you become a customer in 5 minutes and you can receive money and make transfers straight away. But Banx goes one step further. Receiving your cards is a real unboxing experience, you are rewarded for your transactions and choices and you can use that reward within our network of eco-partners. In addition, the app looks great because of the fresh innovative way of communi-cating. And unlike other 100% mobile banks, we guarantee a recognizable human touch when you need it thanks to our local customer support team.

Izzy Van Aelst