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Sustainable products

Focus on sustainable investing: The information campaign “Sustainable Investing At Belfius” was used to launch a fully-fledged, transparent and segmented range of sustainable investment products. 

  • Anyone who invests with us in a savings account, term account or savings bond knows that their money flows back into the local community.
  • For investment funds and investment insurance we use various levels of screening, as well as specific sustainable investing strategies.

Preference for renewable energy: When it comes to investing in the energy production sector, we focus on loans, leasing and project finance for renewable energy, instead of for coal and other sources of fossil energy. 

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Sustainable insurance: Belfius Insurance, our insurance arm, invests its reserves ethically and sustainably in line with the criteria of Portfolio21. This investment strategy of Belfius Insurance in collaboration with Candriam and Vigeo guarantees the exclusion of child labour and forced labour, the promotion of freedom of association and of non-discrimination as set out in the basic conventions of the International Labour Organisation. In addition, Portfolio21 excludes investments in companies that cause serious environmental damage by violating the relevant legislation.

Sustainable leasing: Belfius Lease, our subsidiary for finance leasing and the renting of professional equipment to self-employed workers, businesses and professional, focuses strongly on sustainable development:

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  • Installations for the production of renewable energy 
  • Vendor leasing: a financing technique based on leasing by which our customers (manufacturers, importers or distributors of machinery, etc.) are able to offer their own customers a solution for using the goods in return for regular payments.
  • Mobility provider: in addition to leasing cars, Belfius Auto Lease is positioning itself increasingly as a provider of mobility solutions.

Including a good cause in inheritance management: Through the “Philanthropy Belfius” investment product, we offer our customers the opportunity to include a good cause in their asset management and/or inheritance planning.

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Access to banking services for everyone: People in financial difficulty still need to have access to basic banking services. Which is why, working in conjunction with PSACs, we are the only European bank to have created a number of specific banking products for this particular target group.