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Which good causes do we support?

special olympics

Special Olympics

Through our partnership with Special Olympics Belgium (since 2014), we celebrate people with mental disabilities and promote their integration into Belgian society through sport.

In 2019, we became a “Diamond sponsor” of the Special Olympics for three years. In addition to giving financial support, we also encourage our staff members to help out as volunteers during the Games.

Belfius supports the Special Olympics, and you?

Do you want to support the Special Olympics athletes? Come and cheer them on at the Games from 29 May to 1 June.

You would like more information on the Special Olympics? Visit the event’s website.

Red Nose Day

Working in conjunction with Medialaan and Q-Music, we support Red Nose Day, a campaign that draws attention to the issue of young people struggling to cope with mental problems. With proceeds of 4,269,073 euros, the 2018 Red Nose Day turned out to be a mega success yet again!

rode neuzen dag

The collected amount goes to the Red Nose Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. It will be distributed among Red Nose Schools in Flanders, because schools are the place where young people spend a great deal of their time and experience a lot. So, it is also the place where they can helped quickly. Meanwhile, 470 schools already registered as Red Nose School, so at least 412,006 pupils will get extra mental health support.

Viva for Life

Belfius has been the lead sponsor for Viva for Life since 2016. Through this partnership we support organisations in Wallonia and Brussels that fight against child poverty. Events that we organise to raise money include the Stairs for Life race up the Belfius Tower and a Christmas baubles sale through the Belfius branches, as well as a roadshow in various towns and cities. Thanks to all those fundraising actions we felt privileged to contribute 385,252 euro to the total proceeds of 4,929,220 euro for the 2018 Viva for Life campaign. 

viva for life

Colour Your Hospital

Colour Your Hospital is a competition in which all hospitals throughout the country can enter projects for improving the quality of life of their patients. Colour Your Hospital is organised by the Belfius Foundation, which coordinates Belfius’s charity support work. The Belfius Foundation is legally independent from Belfius Bank and has its own Board of Directors and website