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Economic commitment

How do we contribute to a sustainable economy?


A driving force for the Belgian economy

As a driving force and innovator in the Belgian economy, we contribute to creating a sustainable community.

As a 100% Belgian bank and insurance company, Belfius is the only Belgian financial institution that returns virtually the whole of its customers’ deposits into the Belgian community and economy.

Deposits with Belfius total 95 billion euro.

  • Of that amount, 25.7 billion euro goes into the long-term financing of the public and social sector. As the market leader in these sectors, we contribute towards the funding of new schools, hospitals, swimming pools, cycle paths, sports centres and other public infrastructure.
  • 30.3 billion euro is used for long-term loans to local self-employed workers, SMEs and large corporations. In this way, the savings and investments of our customers help businesses to grow, promote local wellbeing and create employment.
  • We have also lent 35.5 billion euro in the form of mortgages to Belgian families, giving them the opportunity to make their home and housing projects a reality.

An innovator in the Belgian economy 

We are the long-established partner and main financier of local authorities. This role enables us to know all about your expectations, needs and challenges. And these challenges have never been so numerous and complex: socially (ageing, environment and mobility), digitally (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain) and technologically (new waste treatment and energy production methods, e-care solutions).