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Economic commitment

How do we contribute to a sustainable economy?


As a driving force and innovator in the Belgian economy, we contribute to creating a sustainable community

A driving force for the Belgian economy


euro in long-term credit

As a 100% Belgian bank and insurance company, Belfius is the only Belgian financial institution that returns virtually the whole of its customers’ deposits into the Belgian community and economy. 

Deposits with Belfius total 86 billion euro.

  • Of that amount, 27.4 billion euro goes into the long-term financing of the public and social sector. As the market leader in these sectors, we contribute towards the funding of new schools, hospitals, swimming pools, cycle paths, sports centres and other public infrastructure.
  • 23.3 billion euro is used for long-term loans to local self-employed workers, SMEs and large corporations. In this way, the savings and investments of our customers help businesses to grow, promote local wellbeing and create employment.
  • We have also lent 30.6 billion euro in the form of mortgages to Belgian families, giving them the opportunity to make their home and housing projects a reality.

An innovator in the Belgian economy 

We are the long-established partner and main financier of local authorities. This role enables us to know all about your expectations, needs and challenges. And these challenges have never been so numerous and complex: socially (ageing, environment and mobility), digitally (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain) and technologically (new waste treatment and energy production methods, e-care solutions). 


Through Smart Belgium, we offer a forum that makes it possible to bring supply and demand, smart ideas from local authorities, the social sector and large and small companies into balance with one another. Working as an ecosystem – an extensive network of government bodies and businesses – we bring together companies, government bodies and care institutions to make ideas and solutions for our community a reality.

Smart Belgium focuses on 8 social challenges:

We take a uniform approach to each of these 8 areas, committing ourselves to playing an active role in 4 ways within this ecosystem of contributors:


By bringing the parties involved together


By developing innovative solutions ourselves and/or making proposals and offering consulting


By financing projects (including some innovative funding solutions)


By communicating and sharing knowledge


Here is an example of each of these roles:

  1. Smart Cities Chair 2.0 – VUB-SMIT: is a university chair established by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and imec-SMIT (Studies in Media Innovation and Technology), aimed at achieving the greater sharing of knowledge between experts, public and private stakeholders (Smart City managers, companies, etc.) about how to involve citizens and how to handle data while respecting privacy.
  2. With Smart Belgium Services we established our own subsidiary in 2017, in conjunction with Strategy& (part of PwC), with the aim of guiding local authorities and businesses in the Smart Belgium ecosystem, thereby facilitating the co-creation of sustainable, innovative solutions. 
  3. Through Belfius Energy Efficiency Package (abbreviated to BEEP) we encourage companies, public institutions and social profit organisations to invest further in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  4. Smart Belgium Awards: in September 2018 we staged the second edition of the Smart Belgium Awards: 256 participants compete for 5 Awards for the best projects by companies, start-ups, local authorities, PSACs, intermunicipal companies, schools, research centres, care institutions, etc. to find smart ways of tackling social challenges.

A whole range of topics has also been publicised via the Smart Belgium Magazine, the Smart Belgium website and the Twitter account @Smart_Belgium

Winners of the Smart Belgium Awards 2018

  • Smart City Award ≥ 30.000 inwoners: Stad Gent/TMaaS
    Traffic Management as a Service: City and citizens unravel mobility tangle
  • Smart City Award < 30.000 inwoners: Donceel
    Smart street lighting is but the first step for Donceel
  • Smart Care Award: Githo Nijlen
    E-buddy sounds alarm in the event of falls
  • Smart Company Award < 10 miljoen euro omzet: Shayp
    A small, smart device that traces water leaks
  • Smart Company Award ≥ 10 miljoen euro omzet: Colruyt Group
    Liquid Ice Container, sustainable freight transport with liquid ice
  • Smart Insurance Award: Olen
    Higher quality of care thanks to smart sensors
  • Publieksprijs: VRkeer (University of Ghent and Odisee Sint-Niklaas)
    Students learn to ride bikes safely in virtual reality

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